Barbados has authorised Recognised Organisations to carry out statutory certification and services for ships registered in Barbados and for Companies operating Barbadian ships.

Any request for clarification regarding the scope or extent of authority of a Recognised Organisation to represent or act on behalf of Barbados should be made directly to the Barbados Maritime Ship Registry at

The current list of Recognised Organisations is shown below. Click on the logos to access their websites.

American Bureau of Shipping
Bulgarian Register of Shipping
Bureau Veritas
China Classification Society
Dromon Bureau of Shipping
Indian Register of Shipping
International Naval Surveys Bureau
International Register of Shipping
Korean Register of Shipping
Libero Hellenic Register
Lloyd's Register Group
National Shipping Adjusters
Overseas Marine Certification Services
Polish Register of Shipping
Registro Italiano Navale
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Bulletins From Barbados Maritime

Bulletin 160: LRIT – General information

Click to download content as PDF General Information regarding the new LRIT service Long Range Identification Tracking (LRIT) is a method by which Flag States may know where their ships are located anywhere in the world and any other Flag State’s vessels transiting their waters. The standard accuracy is that of a ship position 6 hours old;  in cases of special concern the...

Bulletin 168: MARPOL Annex VI -Eng. Log book Supplement

Click to download content as PDF Engine Log Book Supplement for MARPOL Annex VI MARPOL Annex VI is coming onto force 1st July 2010 which requires the record keeping of the consumption and venting of ozone depleting substances (hydrochlorofluorocarbon refrigerant and air conditioning gas), Regulation12.3.2.6. Due to the increasing number of such records being required by MARPOL...

Bulletin 185: Inspection of Life Boat Launching Equipment

Click to download content as PDF Inspection of Life Boat Launching Equipment As a result of continuing injuries and fatalities in connection with the launching of lifeboats the following guidance has been prepared to provide ships crews with an overview of what must be included in any maintenance or inspection program to be applied to any weight transferring equipment. While...

Bulletin 194: Rescue Boat – Davit equivalence (amended)

Click to download content as PDF SLS.14/Circ.153 INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR THE SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA, 1974 Equivalent arrangement accepted under regulation I/5 LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES Stored mechanical power for rescue boat launching appliance Statement by the Government of Barbados Regulations III/17 and III/16 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea...