Application: All ship-owners, operators, masters and officers of merchant ships and authorised Classification Societies.

In light of representations made to the flag administration, and the difficulties experienced by ships and their crews during the current COVID pandemic, this administration is in the process of arranging for all ship’s certificates, including officer endorsements, to be issued in electronic format.  Barbados shipping legislation is already in draft form awaiting Barbados Government approval, and will provide for the legality of electronically formatted certificates and other documents.

The process is not yet completed, but as an interim measure, we shall be issuing all certificates in portable download format (pdf), signed only by an authorised officer of the Administration.  Such electronic documents will be protected against modification, except by those officers authorised by the administration.

Whilst these certificates are in the ‘interim’ phase, they may not meet the full features of the guidance criteria laid down by IMO FAL.5/Circ.39, Rev.2.  These features will be in place when the final transfer to electronic certificate format takes place.

Authentication of any flag certificates issued by this Administration may be verified by contacting the administration via the website, using the contact page at .   There is a separate facility available on the website for authentication of officer endorsements, at Endorsement Validity Check – Barbados Maritime Ship Registry

Printed certificates already issued will continue to be accepted as valid during this interim period.

BMSR 22/01/2021