Verification of Barbados issued Certificates of Endorsement may be checked via the Barbados Online Seafarer System (BOSS) website at As the system is a relatively new system, not all data will be listed as yet. Verification can still be made via the Registry’s STCW Compliance department at and this department can assist with any queries concerning the issue of Barbados Endorsements.

Please note that Barbados Maritime does not issue endorsements to Ratings, only to Officers holding Certificates of Competency issued by a “White Listed” country with which we have an Undertaking under STCW Reg. 1/10.

Barbados does not accept applications from individuals for issue of endorsements. Owners/operators must provide the Registry with a signed letter of authorisation for the crewing agents they will use to man their ships, and this must confirm the agency is in compliance with the Company’s ISM system and with MLC 2006 Regulations regarding Recruitment & Placement Agencies.

A list of national Certificate issuing administrations recognised by Barbados is available and updated whenever there is an addition or any other change; currently this is published by Bulletin.

All seafarers must be medically fit and carry a current valid medical certificate issued under ILO requirements. The certificate should have a minimum period of validity of three months remaining, prior to embarkation on board a Barbados registered ship.

Officers are required to familiarise themselves with Parts 2 & 4 of The Shipping Act 1994.

The application package for issue of a Barbados endorsement can be found on our FORMS page, as Form 19, or click here: Application for Officer Endorsement and/or Seaman’s Record Book.