Barbados has authorised Recognised Organisations to carry out statutory certification and services for ships registered in Barbados and for Companies operating Barbadian ships.

Any request for clarification regarding the scope or extent of authority of a Recognised Organisation to represent or act on behalf of Barbados should be made directly to the Barbados Maritime Ship Registry at

The current list of Recognised Organisations is shown below. Click on the logos to access their websites.

American Bureau of Shipping
American Bureau of Shipping
Bulgarian Register of Shipping logo
Bulgarian Register of Shipping
BMSR class societies bureau veritas
Bureau Veritas
China Classification Society BMSR
China Classification Society
BMSR DNV Register of Vessels
DNV Register of Vessels
Dromon Bureau of Shipping
Dromon Bureau of Shipping
BMSR India Register of Shipping
Indian Register of Shipping
INSB Class Logo
International Naval Surveys Bureau
Korean Register of Shipping BMSR
Korean Register of Shipping
BMSR Lloyd's Register Group
Lloyd's Register Group
LOGO Overseas Marine Certification Services CLASS
Overseas Marine Certification Services
Polish Register of Shipping BMSR
Polish Register of Shipping
Registro Italiano Navale BMSR
Registro Italiano Navale
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping BMSR
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping