The checklist below outlines the forms and documents required for Provisional Registration.

  • Name of Ship Declaration (form 04)
  • Certificate of Survey (form 05)
  • Authorised Officer Declaration (form 06) sealed or notarised
  • Declaration of Ownership (form 07) notarised
  • Managing Owner/Manager Declaration (form 08)
  • Safe manning application (form 12)
  • EPIRB data registration (form 13)
  • Particulars of Radio equipment (form 16)
  • Security Communication statement (form 72)
  • Vessel 5 years plus: Annual Safety Inspection
  • Vessel 10 years plus: Initial and Annual Safety Inspection
  • New Builds: Not required
  • Written request for registration
  • Copy of former tonnage certificate
  • Copy of Bill of Sale or Builder’s Certificate
  • Transcript of Register from former flag showing no encumbrances
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation for owning Company
  • ‘Blue’ Card CLC Oil Pollution certificate (Tanker only)
  • ‘Blue’ Card Bunker Pollution certificate (all ships)
  • Evidence of P&I Cover (all ships)
  • Copy of ISM Document of Compliance
  • Copy of last CSR issued to ship by former Flag (or flags if dual registry)
  • Copy of former statutory certificates, if applicable.
  • LRIT Compliance Test Report from approved ASP
  • Applications for Officer Endorsements (form 19)
  • Copy of previous flag MLC certificate
  • Application for DMLC Part I (form 143)
  • DMLC Part II (form 140)
Registration Checklist

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