Ship: Initial Registration Fee (all fees in US dollars): payable once only

           < 2000nrt:  2760.00
2000  –  5000nrt:  1.2 USD per nrt plus 400
5001 – 25000nrt:  0.5 USD per nrt plus 4000
          > 25001nrt:  0.2 USD per nrt plus 11500

Ship: Annual Fee

           < 2000nrt:    2500.00
2000  –  5000nrt:   0.21 per nrt plus 2180
5001 – 25000nrt:  0.20 per nrt plus 2510
           > 25001nrt:  0.04 per nrt plus 7010

Yacht: Initial Registration Fee

Pleasure/Private:  2760.00
Charter/Commercial:  4000.00

Yacht: Annual Fee

Pleasure/Private:  275.00
Charter/Commercial:  1990.00

Other Fees

Radio Licence (annual)125
Radio Licence (Re-issued)100
CSR (each)100
MMSI Allocation125
Call sign Allocation125
Minimum Safe Manning Certificate150
Transcript of Register125
Deletion Certificate200
Bill of Sale recording300
Mortgage transaction300
Change of Vessel’s name300
Officer Endorsement125
Exemption/Dispensation Certificate150
Permits to Operate150
Change to Register Entry125
Bunker/Tanker CLC 125
Bareboat Charter Statement150
LRIT Registration200
ITC69 – Tonnage Certificate150
DMLC Part 1100
DMLC Part 2100
Maritime Labour Certificate100
Declaration of Compliance420
STCW Exemption500
SPS Certificate500

Shipboard Document Price List

Standard shipboard document set (includes the following):215134
Articles of Agreement (MLC)
-        Ship’s Articles & List of Crew (Black print = Ship)
-        Ship’s Articles & List of Crew (Red print = Owner)
Certificate of Discharge (pad)2315
Report of Conduct Certificate (pad)2315
Official Log Book (including Freeboard Draught Sheet)3924
Oil Record Book Part 13924
Account of Property of Deceased Seaman1610
Return of Births & Deaths1610
The Shipping Act 1994 & The Shipping (Oil Pollution) Act 1994 (cd)2315
Cargo Record Book (Noxious Substances)3924
Official Log Book Part II (Passenger ships only)3924
Oil Record Book Part II (Tankers only)3924

Orders for stationery may be emailed to

Postage costs at 20% of the order value should be added to the remittance.

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