Barbados Maritime Ship Registry Fees


Postage costs at 20% of the order value should be added to the remittance.

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    Appointed Nautical Inspectors

    Nautical Inspectors

    A network of Nautical Inspectors is available to carry out annual ship safety inspections and to assist ship operators whenever required.  The list of Inspectors may be accessed here:

    Shipping Legislation

    Barbados has been a member of IMO since 1971, and has ratified many of the international Conventions that have been instrumental in shaping the world’s shipping legislation.


    We provide regular bulletins to keep our clients and associates abreast of new developments, and work closely with all our ship owners and managers to help maintain a quality fleet.

    Recognised Organisations

    Ten Classification Societies that are members of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), as well as several other recognised organisations, have been appointed to survey and issue statutory certificates on our behalf.