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Lex Caribbean is a pan-Caribbean law firm with experience in maritime law.  Our maritime practice includes advising on:

  1. ships’ registration
  2. financing including the preparation of security documents over maritime assets, the registration of ship’s mortgages, conducting searches and the preparation and the issuance of legal opinions on the same
  3. contractual arrangements, including freighting, demurrage and other contracts
  4. legislation and regulations pertaining to shipping

We also have experience in maritime litigation including applications for the arrest of a vessel on behalf of both secured and unsecured creditors.

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Karen A. Perreira, LLB (Hons), TEP, ACIArb, CAMS. Principal



InterCaribbean Legal and its affiliated companies provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community. We have a sound understanding of how the market works and are knowable and experienced in:

  1. ship ownership
  2. ship registration
  3. ship mortgages
  4. maritime Insurance
  5. regulatory and compliance

Our holistic approach in assisting our clients is facilitated by a professional liaison with our Caribbean partners for wide-ranging interregional services.