Application: All ship-owners, operators, masters and officers of merchant ships and authorised Classification Societies

Internal audits on board are mandatory under Reg. 12.1 of the ISM Code.

Some clients have expressed an interest in Barbados approved inspectors carrying out preparatory inspections on board their ships in respect of ISM/ISPS/MLC. It is understood that this could be particularly useful in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the many travel restrictions worldwide which are leading to extensions and thus longer intervals between audits. Also, that certain other flag states are allowing their approved inspectors to carry out such preparatory inspections.

There is no objection from Barbados Maritime to their approved inspectors undertaking inspections in preparation for Annual Audits. It is envisaged that inspectors carrying out such audit work would be able to follow client’s in-house checklists/guidance and also provide recommendations, best practice advice and suggestions for improvement.

However, and as with Annual Flag State Inspections, we would not become involved in any charges for the service which would need to be agreed between the client and inspector.

28 July 2020