Recognition of Documents issued in Electronic Format and Scanned colour Copies of Originals

To all Shipowners, Ship Managers, Recognised Organisations, Port State Control Authorities, Registrars and Nautical Inspectors

This bulletin serves to notify the shipping community of recognition of documents issued in electronic format and scanned colour copies of originals.  Recognition of the scanned colour copies reduces undue delays while the vessel awaits delivery of the original documents.

This bulletin is applicable to all foreign-going Barbados flagged vessels.

Electronic Format:  Officer CRAs (Certificate of Receipt of Application) & Endorsements

Scanned Colour Copies of Original Documents:

The following scanned colour copies of original documents are considered valid for 30 days from date of issue:

  1. Provisional Certificate of Registry.
  2. Permanent Certificate of Registry
  3. Minimum Safe Manning Document
  4. Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
  5. Ship’s Radio Licence
  6. Bunker Civil Liability Certificate (Bunker CLC)
  7. Interim and Full-term statutory certificates (where applicable)
  8. Dispensations/Exemptions issued by the Barbados flag administration.


BMSR 29/10/2020