Application: All ship-owners, operators, Barbados approved nautical inspectors, masters and officers of merchant ships and authorised Classification Societies


Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine ref, No. 2196/46/14-21 letter to IMO of 18 June 2021 whereby extension of validity of seafarers’ documents is authorised.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine have applied measures to extend the validity of seafarers’ qualification documents for crew serving onboard to 31 December 2021 subject to certain conditions.

Part III, section 1.1 of the annex to the letter issued requires Flag states to recognize such an extension as granted by Ukraine.

It is hereby confirmed that Barbados Maritime Ship Registry agrees to the measures set down in the letter ref. No. 2196/46/14-21 of 18 June 2021.


BMSR 25/06/2021